Ø 4mm fully conditioned JOUYOKU jute ropes

Our Ø4mm diameter jute ropes can be used for standard and decorative ground work for people with VERY LIGHT body weight. We do NOT recommend these ropes for suspension work.

JOUYOKU ropes are ready-to-use. We condition JOUYOKU ropes using a blend of Jojoba oil and Mokurō wax to enrich the colour, body, lustre and strength to produce enhanced wear abrasion and low maintenance.

Jute rope sets with 4m and 6m long ropes - for beginners or to complete your existing set!

Bondage mini-sets to complement your existing set or for small ties such as hand to hand or foot to foot. Choose from three different sets!

Jute rope sets with 8m long ropes (standard length) - for ground and suspension work. For beginners and professionals.

With 8 meters of length, these ropes are easy to handle and perfect for basic and elaborate Shibari and Kinbaku ties. Choose from 4 different sets.